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Kevin McMullen       401-297-7529

Welcome to your one-stop destination for all transportation-related needs and services within our vibrant learning community! We understand the integral role transportation plays in facilitating the seamless functioning of day-to-day activities, and we are delighted to introduce the Met Transportation Hub, a dedicated space tailored to assist you with the diverse array of transportation services available at our school.
The Met Transportation Hub is a comprehensive repository of essential resources, forms, procedures, and guidelines. Whether you are looking to schedule a routine ride, organize transport for special events, or understand the protocols related to using Met transportation, you can find all pertinent information and necessary documentation right here.


Reminders of  what is expected of advisories/staff when using rentals or Met buses

The transportation office will be open each morning by 8am so that keys/gas cards for assigned buses may be picked up.
  • The Providence Met buses are now located at MetroVault Storage Facility, 51 Washington Ave,  Cranston 02920.
        -You will be given a code to gain access to the facility.
        -Please park your vehicle in place of the bus that you are using.
        -You will need the same code to exit the parking lot with the bus.
  • If requested, we can provide a shuttle for you to the storage facility to pick up your assigned bus in the morning and return in the afternoon.
  • Newport Met buses are stored on-site.
  • The gas cards can be used at any gas station, but only at the pump.  Please do not use the card inside the station, as it will deactivate the card.
  • Please return all keys, gas cards, and receipts after your trip.  This is important as we will need these keys/cards on the following days for other advisory trips. Receipts are important so that you are not charged. Please take a picture of the receipt and submit it right away.
  • At the end of your day, please have students assist you in closing all windows, returning the food bag back to the kitchen, cleaning up additional debris/mess, and removing it from the bus.
If you have any questions, please contact Kevin McMullen at 401-297-7529



You can use the MET website  > LTI Transportation when making reservations for your students’ LTI transportation.  Sorry, we can’t accept requests made verbally or by email.
  • Please fill out all required information.  The times and complete address information are essential to making the necessary arrangements for your students’ LTI requests.
  • All requests must be made no later than each Thursday at 2:00pm.  Any requests made after this deadline will be put on for the following week.  This includes requests made during breaks (vacations) and weekends.   Requests made to start the same week will not be allowed.   
  • When making requests please remember to include the following:
    • Full name of all students needing transportation, with the pickup and return times stated.  The office cannot guarantee if a student needs to arrive or be picked up by a specific time.  This can be difficult when scheduling because of other students involved.  Please plan LTI’s accordingly.  
    • Please put the full name and address of LTI location.  If the students need to be dropped off and picked up in a specific place, please state this in your request.
    • Students from different advisories must have their own request submitted.  Please do not put students from different advisories in 1 request.

Once your request has been processed you will receive a confirmation email with details of pickup times and assigned drivers.

As with LTI requests, all shadow days must go through the same procedure.  Students will not be allowed on buses unless this procedure has been completed

  • Please inform students to be ready at the time of pickup. In Providence, students are picked up in front of the school on Public St., Peace St.-front of main entrance and East Bay-Front entrance cul-de-sac.
  • Buses will leave the schools at 9:00am, please make sure that all students are on their buses by this time or they will miss their bus.

Please inform students who are scheduled for early morning pickups for LTI’s (ie. 8:00am), the student must be on time.  Students have until 5 past the scheduled time or the student will have to wait until 9:00am with the rest of the students.

When LTI’s are scheduled on the same days as college classes and classes at the Met, Transportation cannot guarantee late morning pickups or specific pickups in the afternoon. Pickups will be based on the current drivers schedule.

All students need to call the driver and/or transportation office to cancel their ride if they will not be going to their LTI for that day.  If it is reported that the student is a no-show for their scheduled ride, the office will email the advisor and student   Please make sure that all students know their driver, bus #, and have the driver’s phone number.

For students who don’t show up for their morning transportation, we will assume that they do not need a return pickup.  It is very important that they contact their driver or the office if they do need a return ride.  If this is not done, it is not the responsibility of the transportation office to provide a return ride back to school.

The student must contact their driver with any change for the day with their schedule (canceling one way, for the day etc).

All non-students/or any family members of students and staff are not allowed to ride the Met bus, van rental or yellow bus at any time.