History and Leadership

In response to the growing national demand for entrepreneurial education to develop critical thinking and life-long learning skills in youth, The Met High School has embraced this vision. Our journey began in 2005 when Dennis Littky, co-founder of The Met, met entrepreneur Bill Daugherty, who had built and sold a successful online company. Sharing a mutual goal to integrate entrepreneurship into education, they collaborated to launch the Entrepreneurship 360 program, designed by Daugherty to offer students a comprehensive understanding of business. As the Center’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Daugherty’s extensive background, including founding Interactive Search Holdings and executive roles in various organizations, lends invaluable expertise.

To lead our Entrepreneurship Center, we welcomed Jodie Woodruff, a multifaceted educator with extensive experience in special education, school administration, and entrepreneurial education. Woodruff's leadership transformed the Center from a concept to a vibrant learning hub, collaborating with various institutions and organizations. Her dual role as an educator and co-owner of a successful business brings a unique perspective to our programs.

The popularity of our E360 program necessitated the expansion of our facilities. Initially housed in a modest space within the Arts & Media building, the program's success led to the construction of a dedicated 3,600-square-foot entrepreneurship center in 2012, complete with student workrooms, offices, and a conference room. This purpose built facility is a testament to our commitment to fostering young entrepreneurs. The center's grand opening, celebrated with over 250 attendees and a keynote by Scott Case of the Startup America Partnership, marked a significant milestone, underscoring our role in shaping the future of entrepreneurial education.