Mission, Goal & Program

The mission of The Met Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to prepare high school students to be successful in college and life by engaging them in the rigorous study of entrepreneurship.  

The Met Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to equip high school students with the skills needed for success in college and beyond, focusing on comprehensive entrepreneurship education. Our objective is to be the nation's premier high school entrepreneurship program.

The Entrepreneurship 360 (E360) course, a 60-hour program backed by NFTE, immerses students in business concepts and skills, culminating in writing a business plan. Participants enhance abilities in work ethics, self-motivation, determination, confidence, perseverance, and risk assessment.

“We connect our students to entrepreneurs, and through E360 they develop the tools they need to be innovators and entrepreneurs in the 21st century” says Dennis Littky.  

Additionally, students engage in Business Plan Competitions, linking real-world learning with passion and success. Those excelling in these competitions receive funding and progress to E Ventures, where they continue developing their business ideas in weekly two-hour workshops with coaches and mentors.