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One Student at a Time » Portfolio


Each student keeps an accumulated documentation of his or her work. It may be organized in a portfolio box, a portfolio binder, and/or digitally. Students may use various methods of organizing their work based on different goals. The method is planned in conjunction with the advisor.

Here’s some ways to help you organize your portfolio:

Use Your Working Portfolio

  • Save all drafts of your work.

  • Keep it organized.

Clean it out every trimester and store completed work in your Portfolio Box.

Create Your Final Presentation Portfolio

You will present a Final Presentation Portfolio at the end of the year to show your growth and learning to your exhibition panel. Put your best work in this Portfolio to show you are ready to move on to the next grade. Don’t forget to do this online as well.

Here is a sample list of what to include in your Final Presentation Portfolio:

  1. A cover letter discussing your work and learning over the year

  2. A resumé listing all of your LTI work and learning experiences

  3. Evidence of LTI search work (InformationalInterviews and Job Shadow Anthropologies)

  4. LTI Anthropologies for each LTI this year

  5. Project Documentation Paper for each project this year

  6. Final products - photos, samples, and videos of products you’ve created throughout the year

  7. All of your Learning Plans from the year

  8. All of your student and advisor narratives from the year

  9. A mentor assessment

  10. Your transcript

  11. A college transcript of any college courses you’ve taken

  12. Letters of recommendation


Look at Other Students’ Portfolios

  • Look at the Portfolios of other students, particularly older students. Seeing other examples will give you ideas for making your Portfolios even better in the future.

Get Feedback

  • Show your Working Portfolio and Final Presentation Portfolio to your Learning Plan Team and some other students. Ask for their suggestions.

  • Make sure your Portfolio is more impressive each time you present it



After you’ve made a Final Presentation Portfolio,write about the process and end result. Think about these questions:

  • How did you decide what to include in your Final Presentation Portfolio?

  • When the Portfolio was finished, how did you think it looked? Were you proud of the results? Were you surprised at how professional it was?

  • Did you think the Portfolio represented you and your progress well? Why or why not?

  • What would you like to include next time to improve your Final Presentation Portfolio?

  • What did you learn from looking at other students’ Portfolios?

  • Whose did you like the best and why?