Mentoring Partnership

Partnerships are formal relationships between the Met and businesses and organizations that allow students to learn particular work skills and academics. The Met has partnerships with over 20 organizations and non-profits including Brown University, multiple hospitals, and Downcity Design.

The Real World Learning (RLW) office coordinates interviews and logistics to support the work of the partner organizations. They serve as a central hub of information and support.


“DownCity Design has partnered with The Met School for the past four years, and we’ve grown tremendously through this partnership. The Met promotes real world learning opportunities, which matches well with our own mission to get young people out there designing and building solutions for their schools and neighborhoods. We’ve learned a ton from Met students, advisors, and staff about how to create a program that authentically engages youth in problem-solving and gets them excited about their learning. And we’ve seen our Met interns emerge from our programs with new skills, new confidence, and a newfound commitment to making the world a better place.”

Adrienne Gagnon Executive, Director of DownCity Design


 Benefits for Students

  • Build a relationship with an adult mentor
  • Learn the professional attitude that is necessary in today’s workplace
  • Learn and practice 21st Century Skills
  • Become engaged in his/her work and take ownership of that work
  • Understand the importance of education and develop long term goals
  • Obtain feedback and assessment by a current expert in their field
  • Develop industry specific skills


Benefits for Partners

  • Work with one contact at the Met to brainstorm and facilitate the way that works best for your organization
  • Garner support for the mission of your organization
  • Get logistical support for the partnership: transportation, background checks, meeting facilitation, record keeping
  • Catch the enthusiasm of a teenager who is excited about your work
  • Have an extra set of hands to tackle the daily tasks at your organization
  • Become a part of a state-wide network of professionals that mentor students

Become a Mentoring Partner

Companies and organizations can participate in all levels of the LTI program and there are many other ways for employers to get involved in the process. Other LTI office programs include learning through volunteering, interest expeditions, in-school presentations and career day fair participation.

If you are interested in becoming a mentoring partner, please call our Learning Through Interests Office at 401-752-2624 or complete this form: