Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors program was developed three years ago to serving older youth in 11th or 12th grade who have demonstrated dedication and commitment to extended day programming in their earlier years at the Met. The Ambassadors are trained in the rubric used for demonstration of state standards in afterschool programs, as well as youth development and leadership development strategies. Teambuilding and leadership activities take place and meetings are held with the Program Director and Program Coordinator. Speakers that help build self-esteem, organization, time management, conflict resolution and more are also brought in to assist the Ambassadors in their development as leaders. The training also includes program planning, activities, ice breakers and tying the Met learning goals to the programs.
The Ambassadors assist in running extended day programs with program staff. The Ambassadors identify appropriate outcomes for youth, create lesson plans, execute activities, reflect on the experience and assist with office and clerical needs. Each student Ambassador receives in school credit for their service by connecting these activities to each students learning plan and is part of their academic and developmental growth in senior institute of the Met school.