Learning Through Internship (LTI)

An LTI is the center of the Met curriculum. A student connects with a mentor at their worksite. Students take on real world tasks and projects under the supervision of a mentor. Back at school, the student works with their advisor building and reinforcing the skills and knowledge needed to complete those projects. The advisor also works with the mentor to support student work at the internship site.

The Met believes that the deepest learning and strongest motivation result from authentic experiences. Experiences in the real world motivate profound learning for several reasons. First, the work has real consequences that matter to an audience beyond the student and teacher. Second, the resources for learning are limitless when students are not confined to one building and a pre-determined set of materials. Third, the student develops personal relationships with experts in the area of his or her interest. A personalized curriculum is built around these experiences.

Students are guided to identify their interests and search out professionals in the community to pursue those interests. Through informational interviews and shadow days, students explore the many opportunities though which they can pursue their goals. Internships are established and students are given the opportunity to spend two days a week at a worksite with a mentor.

At the site, students develop a rigorous real-world project that they can work on with their mentor and back at school with their advisor. These projects become the foundation for the student’s learning plan and provide opportunities for the student to address the Met’s learning goals.