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Advisor - Anticipated Opening

Advisor - Anticipated Opening
Providence, RI
Position: Advisor (High School Teacher) - Anticipated Opening
Reports to: Building Principal or Leader
Employment Status: Full Time, permanent, academic year
Salary Range: $43,623 - $55,539/year
Start Date: August 2020

Position Overview: An advisor at a Big Picture Learning school plays a complex role. An advisor is responsible for navigating and guiding the learning process with 15-20 students for 2-4 years. The advisor is a part of each student’s Learning Plan team, along with the student, parent and mentor. The advisor guides this team to support and coach the student’s learning process. The advisor is a generalist who can support student work around each Learning Goal. An advisor is not only a teacher. S/he takes on aspects of administration, guidance, management, recruitment, public engagement and more. As a result, advising can be a very rewarding and intense experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Implement, by instruction and action, the BPL philosophy of education
Facilitate quarterly learning plan meetings with each student and his or her family
Forecast the educational needs of each student based on their interests and abilities
Identify learning opportunities and internships for students
Facilitate internship searches through phone calls, shadow days, and informational interviews to ensure that each student has an internship
Monitor student internships through site visits (bi-weekly), phone calls (weekly), and mentor meetings (monthly)
Report on each student’s educational and social progress in detail through quarterly narratives, phone calls to parents, and weekly student meetings
Run at least two sessions with advisory per day on non-internship days
Attend weekly staff meetings, monthly Professional Development days, and yearly training sessions
Facilitate additional educational and health services for each advisee as needed
Create a positive culture of learning
Maintain complete and factual records (transcripts) on each student as required by school and law
Work with staff on strategies for grade levels, school, and network
Make provisions to be available to students and parents for education-related reasons outside of the school day when necessary

All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.
Required Qualifications & Skills:
Bachelor’s Degree
Appropriate State or Rhode Island Teaching Certificate(s)--Secondary Level
Basic knowledge of all teaching subjects and a specialty in a specific area
Basic knowledge of pedagogical theories, perspectives, and developments within education
Basic classroom management skills
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Access to reliable transportation with clean driving record

Preferred Skills and Experience:
Masters Degree preferred
Excellent problem-solving skills, multi-tasking abilities
Ability to demonstrate competency in other content areas beyond certification content, particularly in Math, Science, and Literacy
Resiliency, ability to improvise and work through uncertainties
A sense of humor
Contact Danielle Maddox
Phone: 401.752.3521
325 Public Street, Providence, RI 02905