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Advisor (Teacher)

Advisor (Teacher)
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
● Implement, by instruction and action, the BPL philosophy of education
● Facilitate quarterly learning plan meetings with each student and his or her family
● Forecast the educational needs of each student based on their interests and abilities
● Identify learning opportunities and internships for students
● Facilitate internship searches through phone calls, shadow days, and informational interviews to ensure that each student has an internship
● Monitor student internships through site visits (bi-weekly), phone calls (weekly), and mentor meetings (monthly)
● Report on each student’s educational and social progress in detail through quarterly narratives, phone calls to parents, and weekly student meetings
● Run at least two sessions with advisory per day on non-internship days
● Attend weekly staff meetings, monthly Professional Development days, and yearly training sessions
● Facilitate additional educational and health services for each advisee as needed
● Create a positive culture of learning
● Maintain complete and factual records (transcripts) on each student as required by school and law
● Work with staff on strategies for grade levels, school, and network
● Make provisions to be available to students and parents for education-related reasons outside of the school day when necessary
Required Qualifications & Skills:
● Appropriate State or Rhode Island Teaching Certificate(s)--Secondary Level
● Basic knowledge of all teaching subjects and a speciality in a specific area
● Basic knowledge of pedagogical theories, perspectives, and developments within education
● Basic classroom management skills
● Excellent oral and written communication skills
● Access to reliable transportation with clean driving record

Desired Skills and Experience:
● Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree preferred
● Excellent problem-solving skills, multi-tasking abilities
● Ability to demonstrate competency in other content areas beyond certification content, particularly in Math, Science, and Literacy
● Resiliency, ability to improvise and work through uncertainties
● A sense of humor
$40,741 - $50,913 per year
Contact Danielle Maddox
Phone: 401.752.3521
325 Public Street, Providence, RI 02905