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I understand that the Met offers a unique CTE innovative, unduplicated in Rhode Island. According to the Career and Technical Education Regulations promulgated in July 2012, all students have a right to request a RIDE approved career preparation program of their choice(Section 5.1). 

*This release is valid for one year from date of signature. 

Guidance Department and Special Education Department please supply all records that apply to this student

  • Transcript of the student’s current and previous grades
  • Student’s current and previous attendance and conduct reports
  • Student’s most recent standardized testing
  • Copy of 504 plan or IEP (if applicable)
  • Current Psychological Evaluation, Current Educational Evaluations, and Documentation of Disability Packet (if applicable)
  • Social History (if applicable)
  • Other evaluations completed to diagnosis disability
If available(not required), please upload a copy of your student's last report card or transcript.
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