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Become a Mentor

Learning Through Interest (LTI) is the center of the Met curriculum. At the worksite, students take on real world tasks and projects under the supervision of a mentor. Back at school, the student works with their advisor building and reinforcing the skills and knowledge needed to complete those projects.

We have very flexible curriculum that responds directly to the work students are doing at his/her internship site. Our advisors are trained to identify the learning opportunities and support those opportunities both at the internship and in the classroom. Therefore the content of what the student learns is often not identified until after the placement has occurred.

Benefits for Students
  • Build a relationship with an adult mentor
  • Learn the professional attitude that is necessary in today’s workplace
  • Learn and practice 21st century skills
  • Become engaged in his/her work and take ownership of that work
  • Understand the importance of education and develop long term goals

Benefits for Mentors
  • Have a fresh set of eyes look at your work and see new answers to old problems
  • Catch the enthusiasm of a teenager who is excited about your work
  • Have an extra set of hands to tackle the daily tasks at your organization
  • Become a part of a state-wide network of professionals who mentor students
  • Enjoy the personal rewards of encouraging teenagers who share your professional goals

Student Responsibilities
  • Contribute to real work at the internship site
  • Take on a special project for the internship site
  • research an investigative question connected to their project work
  • Meet regularly with the mentor to report on progress and receive feedback
  • Reflect on work and learning in a journal
  • Inform mentor and advisor in case of lateness or absence

Mentor Responsibilities
  • Inform the Met if the student is absent
  • Schedule regular time to meet with the student to give feedback
  • Meet once a month with the advisor to discuss the student’s work
  • Communicate openly through e-mail and/or phone calls with the advisor frequently
  • Attend your student’s final exhibition to evaluate his/her work

Become a Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please call our Learning Through Interests Office at 401-752-2624 or 401-752-2625.

Companies and organizations can participate in all levels of the LTI program and there are many other ways for employers to get involved in the process. Other LTI office programs include learning through volunteering, interest expeditions, in-school presentations and career day fair participation.